Yves de Keersmaeker was born in Belgium but has resided internationally. He is a former interior designer and antiques dealer with an incredible résumé who specializes in English antiques, hotel silver plate and English design. He’s taken on many projects in various parts of the world, but decided he would take on a new challenge – it was time to follow a life long dream, to become a singer.

Becoming a singer is not an easy task; it requires discipline, hard work, and dedication, all of which Yves was ready to give and more. A fortuitous encounter led him to famous vocal coaches, Seth Riggs and Debora Lebendiker, manny perez and pierre-yves duchesne, who have helped him achieve his goal. He participates in various workshops and even travels to Sweden to work with Seth Riggs and his wife, Margareta Svensson-Riggs.

When we are small we dream of being doctors, policeman, artists, singers, and more but very few of us actually pursue those dreams. We go on to work in industries that are very detached from our childhood ambitions, and even though we may like or even love what we do, there is still that small spark inside of us asking us what if? What if we decided to leave everything behind and try for our truest desires? This is what happened to, Yves de Keersmaeker.

YdK singer

Seth Riggs is considered by many to be the best and most successful voice teacher in the world. He has had various famous artists under his tutelage such as Stevie Wonder,  Julio Iglesias, David Archuleta, Daniela Romo, Ricky Martin, Whoopi Goldberg, Prince, Jesse McCartney, Vanessa Hudgens, Ray Charles, Barbra Streisand, Michael Jackson, Cher, Kevin Kline, Tina Turner, Diana Ross, Jeremy Irons, Kirsten Dunst, Janet Jackson, Madonna, Samuel L. Jackson, Bernie Mac, Sharon Leal, Conan O’Brien… just to mention a few! Along with his wife Margareta, who is also a singer, pianist, songwriter, actress and television personality, they have worked hand in hand with Yves to reach his dream.

Seth Riggs-Margareta Svensson Riggs-YdK

This is also the case with Debora Lebendiker, founder of Coachsingers, a singing vocal studio in Miami who also works with many artists and the notion that, “The Singer is much more than a pretty voice.”. He is inspired by Soft Jazz, Soul and Easy listening music. Currently he is working on a new album merging a Jazz big band and a Classical Orchestra, covers of Frank Sinatra, Gregory Porter, Melody Gardot, Matt Monro, Nat King Cole, Diana Krall etc

YdK-Debora Lebendiker